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Parents Speak

My daughter Ichha Thakur III-D (6149) doing very well in studies. She is an excellent performer in her section. She has become more principled, caring & communicative in IB system. She is open-minded as she always shows her interest in the activities happening around. This all has happen due to the best curriculum and environment provided by the Akal Academy. I believe all credit goes to her teachers and their dedicated work under the leadership of management of Akal Academy. I will prefer No – 1 choice to Akal Academy for overall development of my child and for all.
-Ranveer Singh F/O Ichha Thakur (6149) Class III

I feel that the school is run in an efficient and effective manner with a professional approach whilst maintaining a healthy atmosphere. I am highly impressed by the education system as it gives equal importance to spiritual education which is missing these days in other education systems. I am completely satisfied with all aspects of your school and find it hard to think of any adjustments.
The IB curriculum is really well planned and innovative and sometimes I am surprised to witness the wide spectrum of activities that were never there when I grew up. I am really happy that my children are studying here and wish that more such children get the same kind of opportunity to experience.
-Manpreet Malhotra

I am very grateful to all teachers and authorities for all hard work and efforts undertaken to keep the school a happy home for my child. i feel each teacher tries hard to be sympathetic to each child's individual needs.
-R.C Matto

Hereby I extend my profound gratitude to the honorable principal and the entire "Team of Faculty" at Akal World School.
We always had a dream for Rehan and Suhana , - that in life – they should be Spiritually Aware Human being, with Strong Character – Responsible – Concern for others – Ready to Help everyone – Respect the elders – should have Leadership skills and lead their team from the front – Achieve the goal against all hardship, earning the respect and love from the colleagues and still remain humble. We strongly believe that these qualities are more important for a person – To Respond with Ability to any situation in the life – To face the challenges of the life – To contribute to the Society and the World."
Our dream came true when they joined this magnificent program called PYP IB at this incomparable Akal World School; blend of PYP and the school philosophy has brought such a perfection, in my children that leaves me with no more worries about their future. It is truly a pleasure to see them so enlightened and full with life's joys; I cannot help but pass on the compliments, which we receive for our children, whenever we are amidst a gathering of friends & families with their children in similar age groups. Be it their sharing attitude, their leadership & confidence or their reservoir of knowledge, they grab attention and we love it.
We are very confident that every student who passes out from Akal World School shall make his own mark in the Society.
We thank God for the moment when we took the decision to educate them at Akal World School.
Chandra and Laxmi
Proud parents of Akal World School

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