Creating a Birdhouse habitat
June 3, 2017
Assembly Punjabi Language
June 9, 2017

Akal Academy celebrates Environment Day

Plantation Drive

Grade V students took initiative to plant saplings around the school campus. Our goal was for students to realize that trees are of tremendous value to us. Planting a tree can help in reducing pollution and in cleaning environment. It spread enthusiasm among students to promote forestation.

Cleanliness Drive

To become active participants in keeping the surrounding clean, PYP students of grade II and III took initiative to clean their classrooms, corridor and school campus. This encouraged even other students to keep their surrounding clean and green.

Recycle and Reuse

Student of grade IV & V created some amazing projects out of old newspapers and magazines instead of using brand new papers or charts. They helped in reducing the amount of paper being used and came up with fabulous art projects. Students were enthusiastic to use waste paper to make creative piece of work.

Watch-Think- Write

Grade III students watched a video on Conserve environment and learned about renewable energy sources like sun, wind and water. Students discussed about how to better conserve natural resources. This was followed by a short write up /illustrations. Some students wrote about reusable cloth bags instead of using the both plastic and paper bags. This was an effective engagement to understand the importance of sustainable environment for the quality of life.

Creating a Birdhouse habitat

Kindergarten group constructed birdhouses as a project on Environment day and created birdhouse habitat in the playground. Habitat loss is the single greatest threat to our birds. The goal to keep this project was to develop more caring and empathetic learners who think about the world around them.