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Extracurricular activities are given due emphasis in the educational training imparted at Akal Academy. All kinds of activities that can lead to nurturing of various special skills in students are conducted all through the school calendar year. Each student is encouraged to participate in sports. Annual competitions are conducted among the four school 'Houses'( Abhay, Ajay, Amul & Atul) in all sports including Cricket, Football, Hockey, Badminton, Table Tennis, Volley-ball and Basket-ball etc. All students are expected to participate in athletic events conducted at the end of school year and certain qualification is of course mandatory. Inter-school competitions are conducted to encourage students and develop team-spirit.

Besides this, the school also focuses on stage participation of students.

All students are given equal opportunities to enhance their stage performance skills. Activities like debates, group discussions, impromptu speeches, gurmat sangeet (Vocal/instrumental) which directly telecast of about evening prayer of about 2 hours daily (Nitnem & Reharaas) is being performed by students of Akal Academy depicting true unique and rare blend of spiritual soul suturing music composition using string instruments, jeopardy (math, computer) etc. are conducted every other week to encourage student participation and alleviate stage fear.

Adventure Sports

Trekking in surrounding hills all around is an event which all children look forward to. Is it rappelling, Rock climbing, Burma Bridge crossing and hiking? Outdoor study programmers are held in forest school at the height of 4500 ft. atop the Valley of Baru Sahib. The students being already in the lap of nature observe the flora and fauna of the area where the concepts are internalized by the direct observation in form of project based study.The Four clubs ie. Peace and Harmony, Go Green, Media and Save Energy Club evoke and engage the potential and sensitivity of the child to broaden his/her outlook to feel the pain and sufferings of millions and make this world a better place to live by making small but sure contribution to the cause of humanity at large.

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