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Journey of Primary Years Programme

1986 Akal Academy commisioned at
Baru Sahib with just 5 students by the president of the Kalgidhar Trust under his direct mentorship.
1990 School gets affiliated with C.B.S.E.
 1993-2002 18 Akal Academies set up in rural areas of Northern INDIA.
2002 Akal Academy commissioned at Baru Sahib has 1400 students(fully residential co-educational English medium school).
2003 Awareness of IB programme as model of excellence in pedagogy through education journal by Head of school.
Jan-04 The president of the Kalgidhar Trust takes decision to adopt IB pedagogy at Akal Academy Baru Sahib(flagship school). Dr. M S Atwal(founding Vice-Chacellor of Board of Directors) plans study tour USA.
Dec-04 Head of school Dr. Neelam Kaur undertakes visit to USA for 3 weeks to understand the functioning  of IB schools vis-à-vis government, private and science schools in USA.
2005 Dr. Neelam Kaur & Dr. Davinder Singh secretary Kalgidhar Trust conduct study tour to delve into IB pedagogy in schools in USA.
2006 Dr. Advani HR director visit South East Asia Pacific Office at Mumbai. Delegations from many Districts visit Baru Sahib as setting up more schools  in their areas.
2007 Feasibility visit by Ms. Farzana Dohadwala(South East Asia Pacific head IB).
2008 Preliminary visit by Ms. Monita Sen for candidate status.
2009 Candidate status awarded to Akal Academy Baru Sahib.
2010-2011 Acquainting the parents with IB philosophy and programme.
2007-2011 15-20 schools established each year taking the number of Akal Academy to 101 in 2011.
2012 Pre authorization visit by Kathy Derrick(IB PYP School Services Associate Regional Manager).
2013 Authorization visit on September 23rd & 24th 2013.
2013 On November 20th 2013 School is declared as an International School.

Pictures of Primary Years Program

Annual Day-cum-PYP Exhibition 2016
PYP2 SE1 SE2 Sports1 SE2 Sports1

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