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December 6, 2017
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March 10, 2018

The Kalgidhar Trust organized a Lecture on ““VALUE BASED EDUCATION

The Kalgidhar Trust organized a Lecture on ““VALUE BASED EDUCATION – by living life in true spirit of selfless service i.e. SHARING & GIVING ” at our various academies and Akal University from 22nd to 27th January, 2018
The sessions started with invocation shabad (at Dhanal Kalan only) followed by a welcome address by Principal or Faculty and introduced the speaker & expressed their word of gratitude to the speaker and addressed students regarding contents of lecture.
The lecture emphasizes the importance of self-awareness & education to revive human values that transcend religious, ethnic and cultural differences. Specific examples in the case of SEWA and ETHICS & MORAL VALUES were articulated. Each session lasted for more than hour. The lecture was received with admiration by the students & faculties and found the slides / videos appropriate.
The objective of this lecture was to make concepts clarification about the new challenges face for social work. These include wider economic and social changes and a generally widening gap between expectations and realities. The lecture explored some of the issues linked to these emerging challenges and also looks at some potential responses that seek to honour the essential features and traditions of social work.
The session provided an overview of some of the issues, debates and innovations in social work practice today. The sessions ended with interactive and stimulate discussions making all participants realize a wonderful opportunity of mission of life with purpose. All sessions ended with honour to the speaker and vote of thanks.

The details of sessions held at Akal University & various Akal Academies are :

22 & 23/01/2018 REETH KHERI 2 50 + 70 1 OR 2
23/01/2018 BHAI DESA 1 140 7
24/01/2018 AKAL UNIVERSITY 2 500+ EACH 15-20 EACH
25/01/2018 MUKSAR SAHIB 2 55+125 7
25/01/2018 JAND SAHIB 1 70 3
27/01/2018 DHANAL KALAN 1 90 3
27/01/2018 MP&PRT 1 12 --